With Rambo 5 Our ranking of the entire Rambo series with Sylvester Stallone

With “Rambo 5” Our ranking of the entire “Rambo” series with Sylvester Stallone

Since the September 19, 2019 runs with “Rambo: Last Blood” the fifth film about the Vietnam veteran John Rambo in German cinemas. But as he cuts off compared to its predecessors? We have ranked yet the whole series for you!

Platz 5: „Rambo III

Sylvester Stallone generated by the huge success of the “Rocky” movies star power gave him the opportunity to actively participate on the screenplay of “Rambo” 1,982th And just Stallone changes to the main character were there drastic. While John Rambo is a merciless killing machine in the novel “First Blood” by David Morrell, the number of police officers killed in cold blood and killed at the end of Colonel Trautmann, Rambo is shown clearly sympathetic in the film – as a broken, aimless from the Vietnam War person it avoids to kill others and ultimately collapses.

Rambo is shown clearly sympathetic in the film – as a broken, aimless from the Vietnam War person who avoids killing others and ultimately collapses

“Rambo” was a hit at the box office, but critics complained even then reactionary undertones. Today, a more positive interpretation has prevailed in most cases, which certifies the film a critical approach to the reintegration of traumatized Vietnam veteran in the US society and with the American repression of war defeat.

attesting a critical approach to the reintegration of traumatized Vietnam veteran in the US society and with the American war displacement of losing the film.

“Rambo”: An up and down in quality

The proverbial Rambo – a brutal, boorish guy – was out of the main character only in the next two films in the action franchises that very poor sections among critics. In “Rambo II” and “Rambo III” is Stallone’s elite fighters unstoppable, mowing down all his opponents and seems immune to any balls. The political overtones are also problematic here – to say the least. In the second film Rambo shows the audience that America still can win against the Vietnamese and Part 3 is full just as before anti-Soviet propaganda and malice about the “Russian Vietnam” in Afghanistan.

The political overtones are also problematic – to say the least

Hardly surprising then that the character John Rambo and the fallen from the time the franchise was declared after this performance for dead. However, as with his other iconic role Rocky Balboa succeeded Stallone twenty years later with a fourth part of a remarkable comeback. “John Rambo” generated despite tremendous brutality much more positive resonances than its direct predecessor. It suddenly seemed possible, but still be saved in the 20th century called Rambo YesMovies.

Eleven years later, Stallone is now trying to “Rambo 5: Last Blood” to link back to this success and to keep the “Rambo” franchise relevant. For this, the chances are not bad also because of the low bar. As he succeeds, learn it at the top of our ranking.

Eleven years later, Stallone is now trying to “Rambo 5: Last Blood” to link back to this success and to keep the “Rambo” franchise relevant.


McDonald’s will fire all drive-thru employees and replace them with robots

They are never tired, embittered, unhappy or angry … yes, we are talking about artificial intelligence, which may soon take people many jobs in one of the most popular fast food restaurants.

Would you rather talk to a human or a robot when ordering food? McDonald’s assumes that it’s definitely the latter streaming sites links directory. That is why he decided to buy Apprente, a company founded in 2017, which deals with AI voice platforms for comprehensive, multilingual and multi-element ordering. As you can guess, the robots will get a job in drive thru, because McDonald’s believes that it will facilitate, speed up and organize ordering.

Apprente claims that unlike competing solutions, their platform does not first record what the client has said and does not draw conclusions from transcription, but goes straight from signal to result. This is to significantly improve results in naturally noisy environments, such as restaurants, where in addition people benefit from colloquialisms and a greatly simplified language structure.

We also remind you that this is McDonald’s second AI purchase this year, because in March the company announced plans to acquire Dynamic Yield for more than USD 300 million, a start-up operating in the field of machine learning that uses predictive algorithms to create personalized recommendations. It works in cooperation with the digital menu of restaurants, actively responding to factors such as weather, time of day, movement in a specific place or fashionable dishes and displaying advertisements for appropriate dishes and drinks.

Dynamic Yields technology already operates in more than 8,000 American McDonald’s restaurants, and by the end of the year is expected to power almost all drive thru in the United States and Australia, in order to continue expanding around the world in the following years. As for the Apprente voice platform, in this case we didn’t know any specific dates, but knowing the company policy we can soon expect tests in limited areas, which will probably determine whether the solution will permanently go to popular restaurants.


Sprint runs during Tokyo 2020 like from augmented reality

We have known for a long time that the upcoming summer Olympic Games will be by far the most technologically advanced in history, and Intel has just added another brick.

It is not enough that all medals for athletes participating in the 2020 Summer Olympic Games were made of recycled materials, and the service for spectators watching the struggle (delivery of drinks and snacks, showing places or caring for people with disabilities) will largely be answered by works from Toyota, we can still count on support from Intel from Intel. The manufacturer informed that this time the sprint races will be even more exciting than usual web alpha directory.


Intel announced that it wants to use a wide range of cameras, algorithms and 3D Athlete Tracking (3DAT) technology to collect detailed data about the participants of the race. These are to be displayed live on our TVs, and although the chip manufacturer did not give any specific examples here, he confirmed several guesses of journalists who rightly assumed that we are talking about information like the current race location or the obtained speed.

In theory, this sounds very simple, but we are really talking about a very complicated technology that uses image recognition and artificial intelligence to capture the shape and movement of athletes, impose special algorithms on them, and then process the collected data to analyze the biomechanics of player movements. Intel does not hide that he is very excited about his participation in the games and the opportunities that this cooperation gives him, viewers and the athletes themselves, because he also announced the desire to create virtual reality training systems for them.


The Giver 2 So its about the sequel to Keeper of the Memory

“The Giver 2”: So it’s about the sequel to “Keeper of the Memory”

When the first part of a series of novels is filmed, it almost screams for a sequel, the material is there. So what about a sequel to the vision of the future “The Giver”, whose book is the prelude to a four-volume series?

The train for filming dystopian youth novels has left for the first time in 2019 – most likely he will eventually return to the station and transport new stories of attractive young stars in sci-fi settings to the cinemas. But the hype surrounding ranks like “The Hunger Games”, “Maze Runner”, “Twilight”, “The Destiny” and what they are all called is definitely gone – not necessarily on the book market, but in the cinema. So what does that mean for a film like 2014’s “Keeper of Remembrance – The Giver” based on the four-volume series’ opening story, but has not yet produced a sequel?

But the hype around ranks like “The Hunger Games”, “Maze Runner”, “Twilight”, “The Destiny” and what they all mean is definitely gone

In fact, it does not bode well: “The Giver” with Brenton Thwaites, Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Alexander Skarsgård and pop star Taylor Swift, just cast for Stephen King’s “The Stand” series adaptation, looks like an independent film, without being expanded into a series. Because in the five years since the theatrical release of “The Giver” from Hollywood no plans for “The Giver 2” aloud – it would be hard to surprise if the people in charge actually 2019 or later would trigger a sequel, if only the interest Young adult franchises in the cinema have fallen rapidly.

As things stand, “The Giver” with Brenton Thwaites, Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Alexander Skarsgård and pop star Taylor Swift, just cast for Stephen King’s “The Stand” series adaptation, will remain a stand-alone film, without a row to be expanded.

The “The Giver” novel quartet

The template gives a lot, because the “The Giver” series by Lois Lowry consists of four books, which in Germany under the titles “guardian of the memory”, “in search of the blue”, “the gift of the messenger” and “The Son” have appeared. And actually, it is even predestined for the individual parts are filmed at longer intervals to each other, because in contrast to most other book series, each band has a different protagonist, even if some characters appear in several books. All stories are located in the dystopian world of “The Giver”.

The template gives a lot, because the “The Giver” series by Lois Lowry consists of four books
each band a different protagonist

Although this can also be negative for a film adaptation, because in a film series, one often builds on recurring characters and their performers, who lure the audience to the cinema, because you are curious how it goes on with the already familiar people. But different protagonists on the other hand have the advantage that you can tell stories in an already established world independently and can continue even after a long break, no matter how old the then young star is now. A fresh face, which is currently announced in the youthful audience, can be engaged and ready is a potential new box office hit.

On the other hand, different protagonists offer the advantage of being able to tell stories independently of one another in an already established world

Solid, but not more

The fact that no sequel to “The Giver” was initiated, of course, may be because he was just not a box office hit – he ran really bad but not synonymous. With an estimated budget of $ 25 million, just under $ 67 million worldwide box office record is solid, the studio has made a small profit and could well have thought of a sequel – because a cash flop, where you immediately pull the plug for a sequel would, looks different. In Germany, only 117,000 spectators gathered in front of the screens.

The fact that no sequel to “The Giver” has been initiated, of course, may be because he was just not a box office hit – he ran really bad but not synonymous

Combining the mediocre numbers but also with the mediocre reviews, it is even more understandable why “The Giver 2” was not made. We rated “Guardian of Remembrance – The Giver” with 2.5 out of 5 stars, and on the Metacritic review collection page, the film scored 47 out of 100 in 33 reviews. If a youth book adaptation clearly does not convince critics or moviegoers and also does not generate much fan-hype on the internet, as was the case with “Hunger Games” and “Twilight” for example, the chances of a sequel fall considerably.

Combining the mediocre numbers but also with the mediocre reviews, it is even more understandable why “The Giver 2” was not made.
no big fan hype on the internet

So right now we do not believe that “The Giver 2” is yet to come. If any of Lois Lowry’s other books are eventually filmed, it would probably not be a straightforward sequel to “Keepers of Remembrance”, but stand alone, which would be well done, since the novels of The Giver series are just loosely connected.

So right now we do not believe that “The Giver 2” is yet to come.

That’s what “The Giver” is about

In “The Giver”, people live in a seemingly perfect society in which there are no wars, no sorrows and no poverty. All human beings are equal and content and follow predetermined paths of life by a council of elders (including Meryl Streep) GoMovies. However, when 16-year-old Jonas (Brenton Thwaites) is notified of his destiny at a solemn ceremony, a big surprise awaits him. He is to be given a great task, which only one man in this whole community wears. He should become the “guardian”, who knows the truth about the time before equality on behalf of all others. His predecessor (Jeff Bridges) then gives him all his memories and Jonas recognizes that people used to know great suffering and pain, but also love, enthusiasm, fighting spirit and hope – feelings that are now suppressed. He begins to doubt the new world order …

16-year-old Jonas (Brenton Thwaites)
He should become the “guardian”, who knows the truth about the time before equality on behalf of all others.

“Guardian of Remembrance – The Giver” by Phillip Noyce will air on ProSieben this Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 8:15 pm.


SpaceX satellites could have led to a great cosmic catastrophe

In May, Elon Muska launched the first group of microsatellites of the constellation of the cosmic Internet called StarLink into Earth’s orbit. However, the project encountered many problems on its development path.

Astronomers have accused SpaceX and other companies that are building constellations of the cosmic Internet that tens of thousands of such devices can hinder observations conducted by terrestrial systems. Each microsatellite will be equipped with solar panels, thanks to which it will be able to function normally dark net hub. The problem is that both its body and solar panels reflect some of the sunlight, which can dazzle observers and prevent observations with ground-based telescopes.

However, Elon Musk claims that nothing like this will happen in the future. He has already commissioned his engineers to reduce the albedo of new microsatellites as much as possible, i.e. the ratio of the amount of light radiation reflected from the satellites and directed towards the Earth’s surface. When one problem was solved, the other appeared.

The European Space Agency has announced that SpaceX and its microsatellites have been forced to change the orbit of their observation satellite called Aeolus. Engineers calculated that if the agency did not react, then Elon Musk’s devices could lead to a cosmic catastrophe by colliding with the satellite, and then lead to a domino effect.

So ESA decided to blow it cold and put its device into safe orbit. In low Earth orbit, it gets tighter every year. Many companies plan to put tens of thousands of new microsatellites there. In their opinion, they will be observing our planet and making important measurements and ensuring communication between Earth’s metropolises. Such a large number of devices may pose a threat to future space missions. If one was lost of control, it could end in cosmic catastrophes, which would be very hard to handle.

More StarLink devices are expected to hit orbit this year. Each of the microsatellites is equipped with a hall-ion ion engine based on krypton. The first part of the constellation will operate at an altitude of 550 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. Ultimately, 7,518 microsatellites are expected to reach orbit, and by 2030 there will be several thousand of them. They will be at an altitude of 340 kilometers, 550 kilometers and 1150 kilometers.

Wireless space Internet from SpaceX is to provide access to the world’s largest treasury of knowledge wherever we find ourselves, namely in the forests of the Amazon, in the Sahara or even on a desert island. The system is to offer network speeds of up to 1 Gb / s, with ping not exceeding 24 ms.

Elon Musk wrote on his Twitter profile that his system would in fact not use the IP protocol. Of course, it will support it in the exchange of packets with the global network, but inside the StarLink network it will be done directly on the basis of a peer to peer network, with encryption on the entire communication channel (end-to-end encryption).

Interestingly, Musk wants to raise the security level of its network to a very high level, thanks to the encryption at the network code level (firmware level). If an attack occurs, the network will be able to be updated in express mode and repel cyber attacks, offering its users maximum security.

A few months ago, Elona Muska applied to the FCC authorities for permission to use up to one million earth stations for the StarLink constellation. The terminals are to have flat transceiver antennas. Elona Muska revealed that the interest in the space Internet is enormous. The first customers will be able to enjoy the Internet from microsatellites this year.


First look at new technologies in Formula 1 cars in 2021

Formula 1 cars are the result of real craftsmanship of the development of the latest technologies in the world of motor sports, which has happened over the last decades. See what the future promises.

The FIA ​​is preparing great changes in the world of Formula 1, which are announced for 2021 free top web tutorials. Their goal is to significantly reduce the costs associated with racing, ensure better quality of racing on the track, higher safety for drivers and more efficient use of vehicle power.

The organization will present new guidelines on the principles of driver competition, as well as the aerodynamics of cars and their shapes. The FIA ​​has published on its YouTube channel video footage where we can see the prototype of one of the cars tested in the wind tunnel of all the well-known Sauber company in Switzerland.

Engineers are experimenting with various configurations of the front wing shape and aerodynamic spoilers. In 2021, the car will focus on significantly reducing the air fluctuations generated behind the cars moving at high speeds. The new aerodynamics of the cars are to allow drivers to better drive vehicles moving one after the other, and fans and spectators of F1 racing will provide a much more interesting experience.


Mysterious dark matter can be super-heavy gravitino particles

Dark matter has been sleeping scientists for decades. Although it occurs commonly in the Universe, we have not yet been able to detect the particles that make it up. But this may change soon.

At least such plans have German scientists from the Max Planck Institute streamingaudit. Their analysis of dark matter data obtained over the years and computer simulations allowed them to present a new candidate responsible for the essence of dark matter. The super-heavy gravitino is expected to have a mass of 0.02 milligrams, or as much as a flea egg. It doesn’t seem like much, but we are talking about particles here, which means that it is as much as 10 quintillions times more mass than the mass of a proton or neutron.

Gravitino is to be a unique particle of its kind, which not only interacts with ordinary matter by gravity, but also electromagnetically. Although this first assumption is nothing new, the second one is quite a bold move on the part of the Germans, because if the particle interacted electromagnetically with matter, we could find signs of it even on Earth.

Scientists intend to turn our planet into one large particle detector and use its 4.5 billion years of evolution and interaction with hypothetical particles to ultimately detect them. Gravitino particles, interacting with electromagnetic forces with ordinary matter, must leave traces of ionization, e.g. in rocks, as defects in crystalline structures. The ambitious goal set by the Germans will not be easy to achieve, but the latest technology advances should help in this. We keep our fingers crossed.


Festo presented the latest incarnation of its amazing robo-bird

Engineers from the German company Festo have been surprising the world for several years with their stunning designs slick tricks. They specialize in building robots that are deceptively similar to their living counterparts.

Festo presented one of its bionic works at the World Robot Congress in Beijing, China. Its engineers decided to create a robo-bird in 2011. The robo-seagull has been improved in recent years. From a distance, SmartBird is easily mistaken for a real creature, and this is because not only is it deceptively similar to it, but also very realistically moves in the air. The robot is extremely light, weighs only 400 grams, is able to start and fly in autonomous mode for several dozen minutes.

The Chinese announced some time ago that they would start installing Big Brother spy cameras in robo-animals, specifically in robo-birds. The idea is to take care of the appearance of the metropolises that change into one huge camera with each new year.


Here is AlienGo, the latest robo-dog straight from China and a great rival of SpotaMini

Chinese engineers do not want to lag behind American, Korean and Japanese in terms of robot development for special tasks. AlienGo is their new child. The machine impresses with its abilities.

Last year, Unitree Robotics presented its walking robot named LaikaGo, actually Łajka. As you can guess, he received it in honor of the famous dog, which flew on November 3, 1957 to Earth orbit on the Soviet satellite Sputnik 2. If you believe the Russians, it was the first dog placed in Earth orbit.

The robo-animal was tested in various conditions, was kicked, hit with various objects, and had to overcome several obstacles. Recently, the Chinese have even tempted to copy the idea of ​​the people of Boston Dynamics who created a team of their robots to pull a truck. The machines did very well in all the tests. Check more on technologi. Now the company has announced the construction of the successor to LaikaGo, which will become a tough competition for the famous robot called SpotMini from Boston Dynamics.

AlienGo, because it received such a name, is a machine with amazing capabilities. The robot is smaller and lighter than the SpotMini, but it is not inferior to its system of movement in even the most difficult terrain. For this it can work on batteries without interruption for up to 4 hours. Little is known about him yet. For now, you can see it on a short video material that appeared on the company’s official YouTube channel.

It’s no secret and no one should be surprised that the engineers in the design and construction of AlienGo were strongly inspired by SpotemMini from Boston Dynamics. You can even say that they copied it in large part, but this is standard in the Middle Kingdom. Unitree Robotics intends to start selling its robo dogs around the world this year.

LaikaGo robots can be bought for 45,000 dollars. For some time they have been hosted at all major technological events. However, they enjoy the greatest interest at universities and research centers, where they serve as the objects of various tests.


The massive black hole in the center of our galaxy has become 75 times brighter

This mysterious object is called Sagittarius A * and has been sleeping scientists for years. Unfortunately, we do not know much about him, and the recent registered phenomena associated with it, surprise us more and more with their power.

The black hole is about 25,000 light-years away and has a mass of 4.6 million times that of the Sun. These objects absorb unimaginable amounts of gas and matter. It makes their brightness change from time to time. However, astronomers who observe this object in the heart of the Milky Way have not yet expected how this could be a violent phenomenon. A few days ago, the black hole Sagittarius A * became 75 times brighter than usual for just 2 hours.

At first, the researchers downplayed the observation because they thought the increase in brightness was associated with the star S0-2. However, after deeper analysis, it turned out that most likely it was possible to record the absorption of a huge cloud of hydrogen in the event horizon. Astronomers intend to take a closer look at the acquired data to better understand this process. The problem is that this phenomenon has been considered unique. After analysis, however, it may turn out to be something natural, and we have not yet realized this fact.

Either way, the Sagittarius A *’s increase in brightness by up to 75 times than usual shows us how powerful and dynamic objects are black holes, and how little we know about them. It is worth adding that our black hole is not one of the largest in the Universe. Imagine what phenomena accompany the absorption of matter by such incredibly large objects found in other galaxies that we do not even know about.

On the subject of black holes, it’s worth mentioning that a few months ago, NASA published the first-ever image of this object, or rather the event horizon. The image was created on the basis of the Event Horyzont Telescope project and shows us a huge black hole located in the center of the galaxy Messier 87. You can see this amazing image above.