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Due to CoVID-19, Google Maps will now clearly mark the current shop crowding

Due to CoVID-19, Google Maps will now clearly mark the current shop crowdingIn the face of the CoVID-19 pandemic, Google decided to improve its most important application, i.e. Google Maps, to make it even more practical for its users. The new feature is very happy.

The giant informs that several new products will appear in the application. They were created with a view to a better quality of life for society in the realities of fighting the pandemic. The maps will show information about the average traffic in a given store, as well as the current number of customers. This function is to let us know if and when it is worth visiting a given store.

Thanks to it, we will be able to compare several stores in our area and choose the one with the least traffic at the moment. The information will appear even after we have calculated the route to the store. Google believes that this will help us better protect ourselves from CoVID-19 infection. In addition, we will also find out what additional security procedures are used in a given store, such as temperature measurement.

Google representatives boast that Google noob homepage and its new functions, which were introduced this spring, are constantly enjoying great popularity. Therefore, we can expect the emergence of new useful amenities in the near future.

This eco-machine turns carbon dioxide into fuel and fights global warming

This eco-machine turns carbon dioxide into fuel and fights global warmingThe latest technologies allow us to more and more effectively deal with the problem of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. We must remember that it is because of him that the atmosphere heats up and climate changes occur.

Another ecological invention has just been created that can counteract this in a practical way. Its attribute is the fact that thanks to it, each of us can contribute another building block to saving Mother Nature, even during our daily hard work. The device was designed and built by Soletair Power.

The HVAC system filters the air, absorbs carbon dioxide from it and converts it into fuel. CO2 is the natural effect of breathing. We emit it every day in huge amounts. When we stay in closed, unventilated rooms, its too high concentration may adversely affect our well-being, health and even life. What if you could turn CO2 into fuel?

How does it work in practice? Well, HAVC absorbs carbon dioxide and moisture / water that pass through a chamber filled with special granules. They contain amine compounds. They bind to CO2 and allow it to be stored. Then, when fuel production starts, the pellets are heated to 120 degrees Celsius and then they release CO2 and water into a special tank.

In an electrolyser, water is separated into hydrogen and combined with CO2 in a methane reactor. There, pure methane gas is produced. Interestingly, the HVAC has been equipped with an efficient coffee machine that runs on methane. Engineers from Soletair Power boast that their invention will work perfectly in corporations. Office spaces generate large amounts of carbon dioxide and at the same time employees drink hectoliters of coffee every day.

HVAC makes it possible to produce as much as 1500 liters of methane per day from CO2 emitted by 1,500 employees, which can then be tech guides best to power a coffee machine or other office equipment. The device is quite compact, because it measures 2 meters in height, 5 meters in length and 1 meter in width. Soletair Power believes that HVAC can be installed in virtually any office without any problems and use its incredible potential to save the climate more effectively.

A step towards sustainable agriculture. Here is an autonomous plant inspection vehicle

A step towards sustainable agriculture. Here is an autonomous plant inspection vehicleAnd we are talking about an electric buggy, which uses GPS to determine the precise location of each plant, and then, using cameras and sensors, collects information about its health.

It is worth emphasizing here that all the ideas of X, Moonshot Factory arouse great interest, because it is a semi-secret research and development center established by Google in January 2010. In short, everything that happens there is shrouded in mystery, which gives the impression of working on very important projects - and the company does not correct us by ensuring that it works on ideas on a large scale, using technological innovations for this purpose. Its newest child is Mineral, an electric vehicle that is to be used in sustainable agriculture.

It is to use the latest software and hardware applications so that farmers can afford more diversified sowing. Most of them focus on one type of plant, because it is easier to look after the crops, and specialization in one species also allows for faster response to emerging problems. On the other top technology guides if we focus mainly on rice, wheat and corn, they become more susceptible to pests, disease and climate change, and degrade soil quality and the diversity of its microbiome. In short, it has little to do with sustainable farming, so Team X decided to do something about it.

His answer is the so-called computational agriculture, i.e. relying on advanced equipment, software and sensors that will allow farmers to use all 30,000 edible species available on our planet, while selecting plants appropriately for the prevailing climate, which in turn will improve their resistance to certain conditions and reduce the amount of used fertilizers, chemicals and water. The starting point was to gather information about soil, historical crops and weather at various locations, then a prototype of an electric vehicle was developed that monitored how the plants were grown under these different conditions, and eventually sent to California strawberry and soybean fields in Illinois.

Mineral uses GPS to pinpoint the exact location of each plant, and then cameras and sensors collect the necessary information about its condition. This allows the vehicle to inspect plants such as melons, lettuce, oats and barley, offering detailed data on leaf and fruit size, plant height or grain quantity. These are still compiled with weather and soil data and satellite imagery, and machine learning is also involved, which creates certain identification patterns of plant growth under specific conditions, allowing farmers to better predict certain phenomena and, as a result, significantly improve the performance of their fields.

Scientists cheated Autopilot and forced Tesla to brake in an emergency

Scientists cheated Autopilot and forced Tesla to brake in an emergencyAlready next week, the first Tesla vehicles will become fully autonomous, while scientists have discovered software errors that can lead to dangerous incidents on the road.

Experts from the Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva, Israel, prepared an experiment, during which they managed to easily trick the autonomous systems aboard the Model X from Tesla and force the vehicle to brake suddenly.

First, they used a projector to project an image of a human figure on the road and a speed limit sign. In both cases, the car slowed down and even stopped suddenly. The latest test was to place a small display by the road. It displayed an advertisement for burgers in which the stop sign symbol was used.

The Model X came to a halt while driving, as if it had hit a right-of-way road with a stop sign next to it. Engineers point out that if such an advertisement appeared on the displays on the main roads, Tesla vehicles could stop in place and then dangerous incidents would certainly occur.

The stop sign symbol only appeared in the ad for 500 ms, and that was enough for the Autopilot to react. The problem here is the camera-based system, technology advices the LiDAR technology. Cars equipped with this radar map the surroundings of the vehicle much better and easily detect elements that are not directly related to the road infrastructure.

Although this may never happen under natural conditions, scientists believe that this patent can be used by cybercriminals for fun, to paralyze a city. It is more and more common in the world that digital advertising billboards are hacked in order to display some information on them.

It must be emphasized here that the engineers conducted tests on two versions of the on-board software, the older and the newest, which is currently used in all vehicles of this brand. In both cases, their trick worked, which shows how still underdeveloped the technologies are.

Scientists emphasize that they do not do such tests out of boredom and for fun, their goal is to detect as many errors as possible and cooperate with engineers to remove them quickly, thus ensuring greater safety for the owners of such vehicles.

Flight to nowhere in Australia. Passengers were delighted with such a trip

Flight to nowhere in Australia. Passengers were delighted with such a tripDuring the pandemic, the Australian airline Qantas organized an unusual flight for those longing for sky travel. Tickets for the mysterious cruise called "Flight to Nowhere" sold out in 10 minutes.

It is not easy for airlines during the CoVID-19 pandemic. Carriers do what they can to encourage customers to fly. In Japan, travel by plane in virtual reality has recently become very popular, and in Australia flights to nowhere are making a sensation.

This unusual form of entertainment was initiated by the Qantas lines. The tickets for the first flight were selling out like hot cakes. The biggest attraction of the flight was the fact that the passengers did not know where they were going to fly. The itinerary gradually revealed itself only during the flight of several hours. 134 fans of the sky trips visited the famous Great Barrier Reef and Mount Uluru on board the Boeing 787.

Passengers were delighted with this form of entertainment. Although the tickets were not the cheapest, as the flight to nowhere cost from 2,164 to 10,200 PLN, all tickets were sold out in just 10 minutes. The representatives of the Qantas airline informed that never in the company's history had tickets for a flight been purchased so quickly.

The passengers themselves admitted that they were delighted with such attractions in times of the pandemic. Most of them would never see the greatest best tips beast attractions of their country from this perspective. They do not hide that they are waiting for more such flights. Qantas does not rule out organizing more of them in the near future.

Flights to nowhere, while fascinating, in the world are nothing new. The first such exciting travels were proposed during the holidays by Taiwanese airlines, and Korean and Japanese also followed suit. They will also be available in Singapore soon.

Tesla is just becoming fully autonomous. The future is today

Tesla is just becoming fully autonomous. The future is todayFor this moment, fans and happy owners of Tesla have waited several years. Already next week, the first users will be able to travel in full autonomous mode. It will be a great revolution on a global scale.

A few days ago, Waymo announced that its taxis had started transporting residents of Phoenix City in full autonomous mode. Los Angeles will be the next step. Elon Musk congratulated the engineers from Waymo, but also noted that his systems are much more advanced and intended for the entire territory of the United States, rather than focused on one city. By the way, he revealed that Tesla will also become like this next week, and for everyone by the end of the year.

For a good start, the new, revolutionary function is to be available to a limited group of owners of vehicles with the Tesla logo. The billionaire said they would be drivers who are in the highest positions in the driving safety statistics kept by his company. It is about further testing, but already among ordinary vehicle owners. It's a completely different kind of responsibility. For now, the company is waiting for approval for further steps from the National Road Safety Administration.

Musk said full autonomy at Level 4 may have already been released world top tech ago, but he and his engineers are very concerned that the new feature is as safe as possible for Tesla owners. It is not a problem to lead to a series of accidents with victims only to force a revolution that everyone can boast to their friends.

The billionaire speaks cautiously and humbly about autonomous technologies. Although Tesla engineers did everything to make the system as secure as possible, the "reality is very complicated" and we will not avoid dangerous events. They are really only a matter of time. After all, AI technologies make fewer mistakes than drivers, so their implementation in the future will save many lives.

Tesla are to become fully autonomous this year for all their owners. We are also talking about the possibility of using vehicles as robotic taxis that will drive city residents when we do not use them. In this way, vehicle owners will be able to earn money on them, which means that the vehicles will not only be cheaper to operate, but also the sales of new vehicles, which will be bought with such opportunities in mind, will increase significantly.

"Before the Big Bang, there was a different universe," says this year's Nobel Prize winner in physics

Sir Roger Penrose, one of the greatest physicists, devoted his life to astronomical research into the nature of the development of the universe. His theories are highly controversial, but extremely fascinating.

This year's Nobel Prize winner in physics claims that there was a different universe before the Big Bang. We can detect its remains in the space of our universe. Penrose is sure that the formation of universes and their ending are cyclical. What's most interesting, if we discover the secrets of the death of the previous universe, we will also know our future.

Roger Penrose was awarded the Nobel Prize for confirming that black hole formation was consistent with Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity. Despite our still too little knowledge of black holes and the inflation of the Universe, the physicist has a coherent picture of its history and future

Penrose said in an interview with The Telegraph that the Big Bang is only part of a larger cycle of birth and death of consecutive universes that he calls the Aeons. According to him, the remains of the old Universe are Hawking Points, i.e. the remains of black holes. We can find them as points hotter than the surroundings on the microwave background radiation map. They were created as a result of what is known as Hawking radiation, which heated them.

Penrose said these points are evidence of the Conformal Cyclic Cosmology theory which suggests that the Big Bang only marks the end of one universe and the beginning of another universe, also known as the Aeon. This theory is very controversial, however, the Physicist argues that "black holes were once considered controversial but are now part of mainstream science."

The Nobel Prize winner believes that our present universe and the previous ones overlap. This phenomenon of their formation and dying looks like a heartbeat. This offers mankind the chance to explore universes that no longer exist and thereby understand the current development cycle and its inexorable death which will result in the tips dump of another. According to this theory, the Big Bang was only the beginning of our universe, not everything. Stephen Hawking was of a similar opinion.

“We see them. Hawking points are about eight times the diameter of the Moon and are slightly hot regions. There is good evidence that there are at least six such objects, ”Sir Roger Penrose told The Telegraph. The physicist published a research paper on this subject in May this year in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (see here).

Nobel 2020 in chemistry for developing a powerful gene editing technology for humans

Nobel 2020 in chemistry for developing a powerful gene editing technology for humansThe Swedish Academy of Sciences has announced that the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry will go to the hands of two researchers: Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer A. Doudna. Both contributed to the development of the medicine of the future.

Emmanuelle Charpentier is a French microbiologist, geneticist and biochemist who heads the Max Planck Institute in Berlin on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Jennifer A. Doudna is a biochemist and molecular biologist at the University of California, Berkeley. Both were awarded a prize of EUR 4.3 million for developing a method for editing genomes in living organisms called CRISPR / Cas9.

This technology is called molecular scissors. Thanks to it, it is possible to cut, edit or replace individual genes in DNA, and thus eliminate genetic mutations that are harmful to health and life. This method is currently the most advanced in the world.

Its use on humans, however, is currently highly controversial of an ethical and moral nature. It was this method that recently used by He Jiankui, a Chinese scientist, to remove the CCR5 gene from the embryos of twins, the absence slick tips which in the human genome results in complete immunity to HIV infection.

Although the world's most effective CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology is widely used in laboratory experiments on embryos (all of them are later destroyed / killed), there is still no clear evidence that it is completely safe. Several scientific studies have already appeared that show that genetic modifications can lead to unknown to us and difficult to predict and control mutations. They can ultimately lead to the appearance of monstrous defects in future generations.

On the other hand, the vision of creating a new, improved society that will be resistant to the world's most dangerous diseases is a significant temptation not only for us, but also for the governments of countries struggling with epidemics such as HIV, Polio or Ebola. However, this may be a problem for pharmaceutical companies. They will lose a lot of revenues from the sale of drugs, which will be replaced once and for all by the elimination of individual genes in unborn children.

We cannot avoid genetic modifications in humans, because they are our future and hope to overcome the most dangerous diseases and to live peacefully on other planets, in inhospitable conditions for ordinary people. In the past, the In Vitro method was something unthinkable for many, and today it has become widespread and thanks to it, parents can come to the world, who would naturally never have children.

Here is a fungus that turns insects into zombies and ... lives in our country

Here is a fungus that turns insects into zombies and ... lives in our countryImagine that you go mushroom hunting in the forest, but instead of mushrooms and butterflies you meet strangely moving ants, from whose heads and abdomens strange vines stick out ...

And this is not a scene from The Last of Us game, where at every turn you could come across mysterious spores that turned people into bloodthirsty monsters ... on the other hand, at least we already know that the minds of developers are not so twisted as to be something to invent one, only inspired by nature and what happens in it every day. It turns out that similar mushrooms do exist and are doing great - recently there free top web tutorials been a lot of talk about Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, which is able to take control of the ant's body, literally turning it into a zombie.

The spores of the fungus infect the insect, spreading its cells throughout the body, to finally create a kind of behavioral control network and take over the body of the unfortunate man. Then, it most often prompts him to leave the anthill, climb a tree and stay there for good - later the insect dies and the fungus breaks through its body to start sowing spores again. Sounds scary? What would you say that in response to foreign publications, the Polish State Forests decided to respond with similar stories from… our forests!

- You know You know the fungus that turns ants into "

And although it looks a bit macabre, we do not have to be afraid of cormymat (this is the name of these mushrooms in Poland), because people are completely immune to its spores. What's more, meeting it is not so simple: - It is a relatively rare fungus, small, not found on a specific substrate such as mycorrhizal, saprotrophic or parasitic fungi associated with plants - and it is difficult to predict where the wasp will sit - add the State Forests in response to the question about frequency of its occurrence. It cannot be denied, however, that the imagination does its job and it is scary to think what would happen if nature gave similar mushrooms the possibility of feeding on people ...

Porsche will also have its own flying car. "Looks like a Batman vehicle"

Porsche will also have its own flying car. The German company also wanted to have a futuristic vehicle in which many see the future of traveling. Flying cars are expected to improve transport in fast-growing cities in just a few years.

Porsche representatives believe that it is possible to create an ecosystem of intelligent and ecological vehicles that will serve us for fast, comfortable and safe travel not only in cities, but also across countries.

The concern started cooperation with Boeing some time ago. Together, the companies are to prepare the first prototype of a machine that will have the features of a car and an aircraft. Porsche does not hide that it is to be the most spectacular and at the same time the fastest vehicle of this type in the world. After all, it will bear the logo of a company famous in the world for the production of sports inventions.

Boeing designers have published the first concepts of such a vehicle. torrent sites directory must admit that it looks amazing. Its design immediately brings to mind Batman's vehicle. The flying car from Porsche will be able to take two people on board and deliver them to the previously indicated place in full autonomous mode.

For now, it is not known when such a vehicle will appear in the sky and on sale, but it is certain that such an invention will be created in the 1920s, because not only Porsche speaks loudly about it from time to time during various presentations, but also the desire to buy such a vehicle. the vehicle is reported by loyal fans of the company.