Astronomy This is what a large Chinese space station called Tiangong will look like

The Middle Kingdom is developing the space industry for its power. In the 1920s, the country wants to take the first manned flight to the Moon and Mars. In the meantime, a large space station will also be created.

China has great cosmic plans. Their goal is to search for resources on other planets wandering the Solar System. They started their adventure with space by building two small orbital modules named Tiangong-1 and Tiangong-2 (The Heavenly Palace), on which astronauts were on board and carried out important experiments for further missions.

However, the Middle Kingdom wants to go a step further and send a manned mission to the Silver Globe. To make this possible, first plans are to build a large space station on Earth’s orbit. It will be baptized with the name Tiangong, in honor of previous modules. Initially, it was supposed to start in 2020, but the problems with building the most powerful rocket in the country’s history, called Chang Zheng 5, forced the government to verify its plans.

Most likely, the first element of the cosmic home will be carried into orbit in 2022. The station in appearance will be very similar to the famous Russian Mir, but slightly smaller than it. China wants astronauts to be constantly on board, and conduct important research and experiments. Interestingly, the Middle Kingdom is not going to bunk in space. Recently, the government invited other countries around the world to cooperate in the construction of this facility.

Let us remind you that currently on the unseen Earth surface of the Moon is the mission Chang’e-4. The Chinese Space Agency (CNSA) revealed that it is planning 4 more missions on this facility. During the last, Chang’e-8, the Chinese intend to test advanced technologies for the construction of the first base there. The next mission, Chang’e-5, which will take samples of lunar rocks and delivered to Earth, will be carried out this year.

This is what the big Chinese space station called Tiangong will look like. Fig. CNSA.

Soon, the news will also come from Mars. This will happen thanks to the next mission of the Middle Kingdom, which has much more ambitious plans related to the exploration of space and fascinating fascinating objects. The Chinese adventure with Mars will start next year. Then a mission will be sent to this globe, in which the surface will be explored by the first rover called the HX-1 in 2021.

The lander and rover will fly to the Red Planet at the top of the Long March 5. The robot has to look around and choose the right places to take samples. When this happens, the Long March 9 missile will send another lander and rover there. The robot will take samples, deliver it to the rocket, they will fly into orbit, leave Mars and return to Earth. All this is to take place until 2030.

The Chinese Space Agency, thanks to these large-scale missions, wants to make a historic step in the exploration of this planet. Until now, no country has been able to carry out such a breakneck task. Chinese scientists then will have a lot of experience in this matter. This merit will be the Chang’e-5 mission to the moon. As part of it, the lunar rover is to take samples from the surface of the Silver Globe and deliver them to Earth for more thorough research.