Automotive Such futuristic vehicles will soon appear on the moon

On Saturday, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the people on the Silver Globe, so it’s the best time for the latest information about the progress of work on the return to this mysterious object and eventually stay there permanently.

The Land of the Rising Sun was just the first in the history of mankind to bombard the asteroid, which potentially threatens the Earth, and is already intensely preparing for flight to the moon and its exploration in a very spectacular style, because of phenomenal-looking vehicles.

The Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) has commissioned the Toyota home automaker to design and build a large lunar vehicle that astronauts will be able to travel long distances in their surface exploration. Designers and engineers took sharply to work and created the concept of not just a vehicle, but a large base on wheels.

The six-wheeled vehicle will have a range of up to 10,000 kilometers. He will be able to take four astronauts on board and provide them with conditions similar to those prevailing on the surface of our planet. This means that they will be able to travel without space suits. Available for the first colonizers is 13 square meters of living space, as well as the most advanced life support systems.

The mobile base on wheels is to be powered by fuel cells and solar panels. It must be emphasized here that Toyota is a world pioneer in the development and popularization of such technologies, which have been improved for several years. Now you will find applications in space, where hydrogen and sunlight are not lacking. The Japanese want to appear on the moon in the late 1920s. Then we will see them traveling on the surface in such futuristic vehicles.

In plans to explore the Moon and Mars, not much is said about Japan, but it will have an invaluable contribution to it. JAXA is developing cosmic mining technologies, protecting our planet against cosmic rocks, future bases and space vehicles, and will be involved in the construction of the Moon Space Port that will enable fast, cheap and safe exploration of the Silver Globe and will be the gateway to the conquest of Mars.