Automotive This is Lightyear One, an electric solar car with a record range

Electric vehicles are the future of motoring. Unfortunately, the shortest range is still their biggest nightmare. This fact discourages many potential customers, but soon this fact can go down in history thanks to Lightyear.

The Dutch startup designed from scratch and built an amazing car that can change the world of electric vehicles. The engineers were based on the experience of the famous solar vehicle racing iLumen European Solar Challenge and the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. His domain is not only an interesting appearance and a comfortable interior, but above all a large range. A vehicle called Lightyear One can be not only loaded in the traditional way from the outlet, but also powered by the sun’s energy. It is this fact that gives him a huge advantage over the competition.

Lightyear One can easily beat up to 725 kilometers (WLTP). This is a great result, eg compared to municipal electricians offered by German, French and Japanese concerns, and even better than Tesla vehicles. The engineers managed to do this by equipping the vehicle with very efficient solar panels. They are located on the Lightyear One mask, roof, rear window and trunk.

Photovoltaic panels with an area of ​​5 square meters get solar energy and recharge batteries on board. The energy can also be supplemented in the traditional way, that is, connecting the vehicle to the sockets on the charging stations. The fast system can charge up to 507 kilometers in an hour. On a sunny day, the panels are able to provide energy to batteries for up to 12 kilometers in one hour.

This means that during our 6-8-hour stay at work or at the university, Lightyear One can win so much energy that it can offer us nearly 100 km of coverage. We can get back home for free, and we can still jump out of town. The company’s representatives boast that during the year, thanks to solar panels, the vehicle will drive itself up to 20,000 kilometers.

“This moment presents a new era of driving. Two years of dreams, thinking and hard work have led to a new milestone, which is a huge step towards achieving our mission’s goal and ensuring ecological mobility for everyone, “said Lexighear Lex Hoefsloot, Lightyear’s CEO. The company has already made it possible to place orders for this unique vehicle. Its price is to amount to 170 thousand dollars, and deliveries are to start in early 2021.