Festo presented the latest incarnation of its amazing robo-bird

Engineers from the German company Festo have been surprising the world for several years with their stunning designs slick tricks. They specialize in building robots that are deceptively similar to their living counterparts.

Festo presented one of its bionic works at the World Robot Congress in Beijing, China. Its engineers decided to create a robo-bird in 2011. The robo-seagull has been improved in recent years. From a distance, SmartBird is easily mistaken for a real creature, and this is because not only is it deceptively similar to it, but also very realistically moves in the air. The robot is extremely light, weighs only 400 grams, is able to start and fly in autonomous mode for several dozen minutes.

The Chinese announced some time ago that they would start installing Big Brother spy cameras in robo-animals, specifically in robo-birds. The idea is to take care of the appearance of the metropolises that change into one huge camera with each new year.