Finally on DVD

Finally on DVD

Announced as “Scandal Film of the Year”, “The Hunt” landed as a stream in home theaters last May thanks to Corona. Starting today, Craig Zobel’s socially critical splatter actioner is finally available on DVD and Blu-ray – uncut of course.

Even before it was released in the cinema, the press was making a lot of fuss about “The Hunt”, announcing the fun butchering orgy as the supposed scandal film of the year, thus raising the expectations of the genre audience accordingly. The filmmakers promptly took advantage of the media echo and put the first press reviews directly on the cinema poster.

Decide for yourself.

“Inappropriateness”, “sick murder fantasy” or “glorification of violence” were attributes with which the new film by Craig Zobel (“The Leftovers”) was associated. But is that really all true? Is “The Hunt” really the big taboo breaker everyone was talking about?

Those who stream have been able to convince themselves of the tear for some time (for example on Amazon Prime Video *), from now on all those who are still loyal to physical data carriers are finally served.

“The Hunt” is available today on DVD and Blu-ray. *

“The Hunt” is available today on DVD and Blu-ray. *

That’s what “The Hunt” is about

Together with a few others, Crystal (Betty Gilpin) comes to in a clearing in the forest without the slightest idea how she ended up there. But it doesn’t take long for the ragged troop to painfully realize that they are part of a deadly game.

Because a rich sadist (Hilary Swank) has chosen her as a victim in her perfidious manhunt. With Crystal, the organizer of the diabolical event chose the wrong one. Because the tide will soon start to turn …

Iconic splatter fun instead of real shockers

It is obvious why the film caused a stir in the USA LosMovies. Because there are also some political statements in the film – even if in the end everyone gets their fat off. But is “The Hunt” ultimately also a scandalous film? Probably not. But it doesn’t have to be.

For us, the “most talked about film of the year” is at the same time one of the most entertaining films of the year – iconic splatter fun for voters of all parties. Anyone who has a weakness for excessively brutal, sometimes nasty horror action should definitely get their money’s worth.

The review of “The Hunt”