First look at new technologies in Formula 1 cars in 2021

Formula 1 cars are the result of real craftsmanship of the development of the latest technologies in the world of motor sports, which has happened over the last decades. See what the future promises.

The FIA ​​is preparing great changes in the world of Formula 1, which are announced for 2021 free top web tutorials. Their goal is to significantly reduce the costs associated with racing, ensure better quality of racing on the track, higher safety for drivers and more efficient use of vehicle power.

The organization will present new guidelines on the principles of driver competition, as well as the aerodynamics of cars and their shapes. The FIA ​​has published on its YouTube channel video footage where we can see the prototype of one of the cars tested in the wind tunnel of all the well-known Sauber company in Switzerland.

Engineers are experimenting with various configurations of the front wing shape and aerodynamic spoilers. In 2021, the car will focus on significantly reducing the air fluctuations generated behind the cars moving at high speeds. The new aerodynamics of the cars are to allow drivers to better drive vehicles moving one after the other, and fans and spectators of F1 racing will provide a much more interesting experience.