Amazon devices made in China with the illegal participation of children?

The American company decided to conduct an internal investigation to determine whether its subcontractor had actually violated the law while executing the contract for Alex’s voice assistant.

Recently, thanks to The Guardian, reports have appeared that Foxconn employed children in the production of equipment for Amazon and delegated them to work in violation of Chinese law, such as night shifts or overtime. And since the concern has a shameful story regarding the use of its employees and working conditions, this is not unbelievable, especially in the face of the trade war with the US, which could have led it to try to meet orders, even at the price of breaking labor law.

This information was obtained through talks with employees and document leaks that paint a very unpleasant picture of the Foxconn factory in Hengyang. 1,500 “interns” are to be employed there, aged 16-18, which in itself is not a violation of the law, but employees at such a young age cannot work night shifts and overtime. What’s the worst of all, the company paid schools for sending their students to their factory, and the teachers were to “encourage” them with easier passing from class to class.

According to some students, teachers assured them that they would work 8 hours a day, five days a week, but these quickly turned into 10 and even 12 hours, when orders began to pile up. What’s more, students spent 6 people in a single room and assembled an average of 60,000 devices a month to earn about $ 250. Foxconn is reportedly already looking into the matter, blaming local managers, but Amazon, who is risking his good name here, decided to investigate the subject himself, sending additional specialists to the site.

Is anyone else surprised? The sad truth is that probably not, because it’s not the first time we hear about using children to work beyond their strength and at terrible rates. Suffice it to recall 2017, when we learned that students worked after hours, just to be on time with orders for iPhone X for Apple. Amazon itself is also a bit behind the ears, because it is often said that it pays too little attention to the working conditions offered by its suppliers – is this time something going to change? It is difficult to judge, but hopefully yes.

See in action a flying car from the Country of Cherry Blossoms from NEC

The Japanese have recently started to seriously stand out from the rest of Asia in building innovative technologies. Now Koreans and Chinese are in the lead. NEC’s latest invention is the best example.

Designed and built by engineers, a flying car looks quite makeshift. Although the Japanese emphasize that this is only a prototype and is currently in the preliminary testing phase, but looking at it from the perspective of competition in the world of flying vehicles, it can be safely said that it is a pile of scrap metal.

South Korean and Chinese companies already have several such inventions, and they are almost ready for production and mass sale. Meanwhile, the Japanese from the NEC company just carried out a test in which their vehicle with the graceful name EVtol rose just a few meters, while its design vibrated as if it was about to fall apart.

We remind you that the government of the Country of Cherry Blossoms announced that already next year, during the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo will present a futuristic flying car. Many local companies, including NEC, are working on it together. Apparently, during the flight it is supposed to use magnetic levitation technology.

Let’s all hope and keep our fingers crossed that the Japanese have an ace up their sleeve, and the funny EVtol vehicle was only a research object on the basis of which engineers will gain valuable information for the implementation of this great undertaking. Let this filth disappear as soon as it appears.

This is what the freight version of the Dream Chaser mini-shuttle will look like

Soon, manned space missions to the International Space Station will be held not only by Boeing, Lockheed Martin and SpaceX capsules, but also an interesting looking mini-shuttle from Sierra Nevada.

Representatives of the company showed in June this year, how beautifully works the vehicle engine called Vortex. Engineers boast that the engine functions phenomenally, and at the same time it is cheap to produce and will serve the mini-shuttle for many years. Dream Chaser will not be flying into space thanks to its own drive. Similarly to the case of previously used shuttles, it will be carried into orbit at a certain height on the top of the rocket. The vehicle will then detach from the rocket and use the engine to move towards the space house.

The mini-shuttle has been adapted to all types of rockets, so each company will be able to carry out its mission. The vehicle will be coming back to Earth from space on its own. Takeoffs and landings will be made from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The first flight is planned for next year. Then the world of the private sector of the US space industry will reach another important milestone on the road to independence from the rest of the world.

Sierra Nevada provides for the commissioning of two versions of the Dream Chaser, one for the crew, and the other only for the transport of goods. From the outside, the machines will be different from each other. The manned version is to have windows through which astronauts will be able to observe the entire course of the mission, while the cargo will be windowless, and instead there will be thermal protection plates.

Interestingly, NASA and the UN anticipate the construction of another version of the vehicle. It will be adapted to carry out various experiments on Earth’s orbit. Both the commodity and experimental versions will have a set of two folding solar panel systems and detachable motors. Unfortunately, after completing the mission, they will become space debris, until it burns in the atmosphere. Apparently, the company calculated that it would make a lot of savings in this way.

The UN plans to get financing for the lease of the Dream Chaser mini-space shuttle from the Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), which will allow such experiments to be carried out in space. The launch of the vehicle with various tests from many countries is planned for 2021. Sierra Nevada has already won a contract for the supply of raw materials to the ISS by 2024. Its vehicles can fly both with the crew and autonomously. According to the UN plan, the countries participating in the project will have to pay a fee for research, but they are not to be large amounts, because the organization will pay for them from their own and acquired funds.

The new “King of the Lions” songs are much better – but unfortunately not in the cinema!

lion king 2019

It has been a wise move by Disney to bring Beyoncé and Donald Glover, two of the currently biggest music superstars, as spokespersons as well as singers for Nala and Simba aboard “The Lion King”. Elton John and Hans Zimmer, as well as successful music producer, hip-hopper and “Happy” hit singer Pharrell Williams, who were already part of the original film, also gave the well-known songs the necessary update to make them look modern, without losing their core and heart change.

This actually leads to an outstanding result. When I hear the songs just like that, I like the new versions even better than the originals of 1994 – by the way (with a few drawbacks) also in the German version, for which you could win among other things good children singers. But in the movie, the numbers are in my opinion very lame, the songs look even worse than their 94er versions.


In the original from 1994, the music scenes are also so impressive, because the creators rely on a completely overbearing staging . For example, while “I want to be king right now”, Simba and Nala ride in the cartoon classic on the backs of two ostriches, and the complete animation style changes right at the beginning of the song. The moment Simba starts and lands on the ground, the whole picture turns red. It’s a wicked, exalted scene that awaits you in a musical that’s totally out of the real world.

In the remake missing such wacky scenes. The lions, who come from the computer but are deceptively real-looking, behave like real animals. And animals do not dance, they do not ride on the back of an ostrich. It’s hardly surprising, then, that the song of villain Scar, was significantly shortened in the remake. Because this song breaks even stronger than the other songs in the original with a single world. It is one big nightmare scenario in which hyena armies march, eerie shadows take place and everything seems to burn in a conflagration. It’s a typical musical insert, as one might expect in the genre. Even in real films the characters in the singing and dancing deposits often say goodbye to our world.

In “The Lion King” of 2019 they do not do this. All the characters are always stuck in their world. The fact that the musical scenes are so reduced, dance performances only play a very small role, ensures that Favreau’s version is a bit more fluid, smoother, more of a piece. But it also devalues ​​the songs, because they have such a power, because the songs also pull us out of the action, you can look at each individual moment from the original as a small short film separately.

In the end, the songs in Favreau’s “The Lion King” just swept past me. There are no highlights, no exceptional moments in the movie, just parts of it. And so the songs are also much worse in the end, although I find them much better. You can watch the new Lion King on

Where to Watch Movies and TV Series Online for Free?

where to watch movies online

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The selection on the Internet is huge.

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The Hyperloop capsule technology from Germany achieved a speed of 463 km / h

The winner of SpaceX Hyperloop Pod, a competition for prototypes of Hyperloop capsules, was a team from the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The student vehicle was the fastest from the entire stake and won the recognition of Elon Muska.

It was not a simple task, because the competition was made up of the best of the best young engineers from around the world, including people from UNSW from Australia and Delft from the Netherlands. However, the huge support of the TUM team with the experience and technologies of the Airbus group had to result in a victory. The Germans’ capsule converged on a 1600 meter track to a dizzying speed of 463 km / h.

This is a great result, but not what young engineers expected. A few days before the competition, they assured them that their vehicle would reach half the speed of sound without any problem. The enthusiasts of the revolution in traveling the world will have to improve their capsule to achieve this goal. For now, they are enjoying their next great achievement and after the holidays they will join the intense ones

We are happy to announce that we have reached a top speed of 463 km/h today. Although we lost some parts on the way, we were able to successful finish our run and are proud to be the winners of the 2019 SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition.Break a pod 😉 @SpaceX @elonmusk

In fact, the Hyperloop Pod competition organized by SpaceX is to encourage students to develop and gain valuable experience in the construction work on capsules. In a few years, when Hyperloop technology will slowly become reality in various countries around the world, skilled engineers will be worth their weight in gold. It is they who will push the development of the future railways forward.

Elon Musk thanked all the teams for their hard work and announced the next edition of the competition, which will take place next year. The billionaire revealed that this time the test track will be extended from 1,600 meters to over 10 kilometers. Interestingly, SpaceX engineers intend to slightly complicate the struggles of students by building a vacuum tunnel on which there will be one bend. In this way, we will approach the more realistic conditions for the functioning of the railways of the future in and outside cities.

Here’s the full duration run by @SuperclusterHQ

On the occasion of the Hyperloop theme, it is worth mentioning our native projects. The Polish engineers from the Warsaw University of Technology and Wrocław create future-proof technology that is unique on a global scale. Their idea was appreciated by Microsoft, which will support the project with its funds. Hyper Poland received a grant of 120,000 dollars as part of Microsoft for Startups, a program supporting the most promising technological companies in the world. The Polish startup will use funds for the Azure Platform services, that is, the benefits of a powerful cloud computing and machine learning of the company. Engineers intend to make calculations and simulations of the technology they develop in it.

Astronomy The transformation of Mars into Earth is possible. Scientists have prepared a new plan

So far, we have heard regularly that even if we can reach the Red Planet, her unfriendly conditions will not allow her to settle for a long time. A group of US researchers has a slightly more optimistic approach to this topic.

Although in recent years board games about terraformation of Mars, in which on this hostile planet we plant forests without problems, we build residential centers and perform many similar activities, are extremely popular, in fact we are not able to change the conditions prevailing on the entire Red Planet. Nothing, however, precludes terraforming it with fragments, which can be helped by silica airgel.

Aerogels is a material that is a kind of rigid foam with an extremely low density, its mass is comprised of 90-99.8% air, and the rest is a porous material that forms its structure. This seemingly delicate structure, however, is deceptive, because the material is very resistant to compression and stretching, withstands pressure on a smooth surface area of ​​4,000 times its own weight, and if it is made of silica, it is stable up to 1200 ° C.

Now scientists from Harvard have said that with his help you can change the conditions on Mars, which, to put it mildly, are disastrous. Apparently, it used to be different in the past, but now Mars is a desert, where the only layers of water are preserved in a polar ice cap and salt underwater lakes. One can not forget about the dilute atmosphere, where oxygen is like a medicine, extremely low temperatures and zero protection from solar radiation.

The new solution from Harvard researchers has a chance to solve at least some of these problems, but it requires placing in the air over selected regions a thin silica silica bubble dome that is transparent, but at the same time provides protection against UV radiation and warms the surface. This should be enough for the water to remain liquid, and the plants could use photosynthesis in the selected region – at least this is the result of tests with the reproduction of the conditions prevailing on the Red Planet.

It turned out that already a thin 2-3 cm layer is enough to warm the surface by 50 ℃, so if we choose the right places, it means raising the temperature of Mars fragments to -10 ℃. It would still be low, but these are not temperatures that we can not cope with anymore – what’s more, it should have allowed to keep the water in these states in a constant state, all year round, which combined with constant access to sunlight, there should be enough vegetation to carry out photosynthesis. Are we then a step closer to the settlement of Mars?

Automotive Such futuristic vehicles will soon appear on the moon

On Saturday, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the people on the Silver Globe, so it’s the best time for the latest information about the progress of work on the return to this mysterious object and eventually stay there permanently.

The Land of the Rising Sun was just the first in the history of mankind to bombard the asteroid, which potentially threatens the Earth, and is already intensely preparing for flight to the moon and its exploration in a very spectacular style, because of phenomenal-looking vehicles.

The Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) has commissioned the Toyota home automaker to design and build a large lunar vehicle that astronauts will be able to travel long distances in their surface exploration. Designers and engineers took sharply to work and created the concept of not just a vehicle, but a large base on wheels.

The six-wheeled vehicle will have a range of up to 10,000 kilometers. He will be able to take four astronauts on board and provide them with conditions similar to those prevailing on the surface of our planet. This means that they will be able to travel without space suits. Available for the first colonizers is 13 square meters of living space, as well as the most advanced life support systems.

The mobile base on wheels is to be powered by fuel cells and solar panels. It must be emphasized here that Toyota is a world pioneer in the development and popularization of such technologies, which have been improved for several years. Now you will find applications in space, where hydrogen and sunlight are not lacking. The Japanese want to appear on the moon in the late 1920s. Then we will see them traveling on the surface in such futuristic vehicles.

In plans to explore the Moon and Mars, not much is said about Japan, but it will have an invaluable contribution to it. JAXA is developing cosmic mining technologies, protecting our planet against cosmic rocks, future bases and space vehicles, and will be involved in the construction of the Moon Space Port that will enable fast, cheap and safe exploration of the Silver Globe and will be the gateway to the conquest of Mars.

Astronomy This is what a large Chinese space station called Tiangong will look like

The Middle Kingdom is developing the space industry for its power. In the 1920s, the country wants to take the first manned flight to the Moon and Mars. In the meantime, a large space station will also be created.

China has great cosmic plans. Their goal is to search for resources on other planets wandering the Solar System. They started their adventure with space by building two small orbital modules named Tiangong-1 and Tiangong-2 (The Heavenly Palace), on which astronauts were on board and carried out important experiments for further missions.

However, the Middle Kingdom wants to go a step further and send a manned mission to the Silver Globe. To make this possible, first plans are to build a large space station on Earth’s orbit. It will be baptized with the name Tiangong, in honor of previous modules. Initially, it was supposed to start in 2020, but the problems with building the most powerful rocket in the country’s history, called Chang Zheng 5, forced the government to verify its plans.

Most likely, the first element of the cosmic home will be carried into orbit in 2022. The station in appearance will be very similar to the famous Russian Mir, but slightly smaller than it. China wants astronauts to be constantly on board, and conduct important research and experiments. Interestingly, the Middle Kingdom is not going to bunk in space. Recently, the government invited other countries around the world to cooperate in the construction of this facility.

Let us remind you that currently on the unseen Earth surface of the Moon is the mission Chang’e-4. The Chinese Space Agency (CNSA) revealed that it is planning 4 more missions on this facility. During the last, Chang’e-8, the Chinese intend to test advanced technologies for the construction of the first base there. The next mission, Chang’e-5, which will take samples of lunar rocks and delivered to Earth, will be carried out this year.

This is what the big Chinese space station called Tiangong will look like. Fig. CNSA.

Soon, the news will also come from Mars. This will happen thanks to the next mission of the Middle Kingdom, which has much more ambitious plans related to the exploration of space and fascinating fascinating objects. The Chinese adventure with Mars will start next year. Then a mission will be sent to this globe, in which the surface will be explored by the first rover called the HX-1 in 2021.

The lander and rover will fly to the Red Planet at the top of the Long March 5. The robot has to look around and choose the right places to take samples. When this happens, the Long March 9 missile will send another lander and rover there. The robot will take samples, deliver it to the rocket, they will fly into orbit, leave Mars and return to Earth. All this is to take place until 2030.

The Chinese Space Agency, thanks to these large-scale missions, wants to make a historic step in the exploration of this planet. Until now, no country has been able to carry out such a breakneck task. Chinese scientists then will have a lot of experience in this matter. This merit will be the Chang’e-5 mission to the moon. As part of it, the lunar rover is to take samples from the surface of the Silver Globe and deliver them to Earth for more thorough research.

Technology. Teleportation of information in the diamond at the quantum level was made

Nowadays, the biggest problem of the global network are cybercriminals’ attacks. In the future, information transfer over long distances will be carried out in a secure manner in quantum networks.

The great breakthrough in this matter was made by scientists from the Yokohama National University. They were able to teleport quantum information using a diamond. This is a big step towards building the first quantum network, which will enable extremely secure storage and transfer of confidential data.

Quantum teleportation allows the transfer of quantum information to a space that is otherwise unavailable. It also allows the transfer of information to quantum memory without revealing or destroying stored quantum information. This space for scientists has become an inaccessible structure consisting of carbon atoms present in the diamond.

The carbon atom contains six protons and six neutrons, surrounded by six spinning electrons. When atoms combine in a diamond, they automatically create a particularly strong bond. However, errors arise in this process. It comes to them when the nitrogen atom is present in one of the two neighboring free places where the carbon atoms should be.

Scientists define this state as the N-V center. The structure of the nucleus of the nitrogen atom, surrounded by carbon atoms, creates what researchers call nanomagnets. During the experiment, the Japanese attached an extremely thin wire to the surface of the diamond. Using radio and microwave waves, they created an oscillating magnetic field around the diamond. Then they led the spin of electrons to entangle with the atomic spin of carbon, i.e. the angular momentum of the electron and the nucleus of the carbon atom.

Information was teleported in the diamond at the quantum level. Fig. Yokohama National University.

The spin of electrons disintegrated under the influence of the magnetic field created by the nanomagnet, making it prone to entanglement. After entangling the two parts, a photon storing quantum information was introduced and the electron absorbed the photon. Absorption made it possible to transfer the state of photon polarization to carbon, mediated by a tangled electron, demonstrating the teleportation of information at the quantum level. In this way, a fully controlled quantum information transfer environment was created in the heart of the diamond.

“The success of photon storage at the second node establishes entanglement between two neighboring nodes. This process, called the quantum amplifier, can transfer individual pieces of information from a node to a node in the quantum field. Our ultimate goal is the implementation of scalable quantum amplifiers for long-range quantum communication, and distributed quantum computers for quantum computing and metrology on a large scale, “said Hideo Kosaka, author of the study.