320 km / h, 2 seconds to hundreds and 840 km of range. This is the Tesla Model S Plaid Tesla did not rest on its laurels. Elon Musk announces improved versions of its electric cars and brand new vehicles that are expected to revolutionize the automotive world and make it greener.

The billionaire has no choice, as Lucid Motors is hard on Tesla's heels. The presentation of the Air model, the luxury electric sedan, was received with great enthusiasm in the United States (see here). The Tesla Conqueror offers incredible performance that current Tesla marketers and their owners can only dream of.

Therefore, engineers are working on a new version of the Model S called Plaid. Originally, the vehicle was supposed to go on sale later this year, but Musk decided it still needs to be tweaked to take on the growing competition, so we can't expect it until next year.

Plaid appeared some time ago at the famous Laguna Seca circuit. There he set a lap record of 96.55 seconds. Later, Lucid sent Air there to plow the Model S Plaid, completing the course in 93 seconds. Tesla engineers did not give up and just boasted of a new result. The driver Johannes Van Overbeek did an amazing 90.3 seconds.

Air will have a hard time improving this result. The S Plaid model now offers 1100 hp, sprint to a hundred in less than 2 seconds, a top speed of up to 320 km / h and a range of up to 840 kilometers. The sports version of the luxury sedan from Tesla is to cost PLN 610,000 in technology news We should be pleased with the competition between companies, because it will mean better vehicles at lower prices.