Already over 3,000 infected with the bacterium that The Chinese are again under censorship, because the Maltese fever bacterium leaked from one of the laboratories in the city of Lanzhou under unknown circumstances.

We learned about the leakage of bacteria from the laboratory in December 2019, but then we were already struggling with the coronavirus pandemic, so the news passed without much echo. Perhaps also because we do not know the true scale of the problem to this day - it turns out that we are not dealing with individual cases, but probably nearly 5,000 infected - out of 22,000 Lanzhou residents surveyed, more than 3,200 are infected, and another 1,400 have a preliminary positive score. Worst of all, how is it guilty of human stupidity or the will to save money, because the whole situation came about as a result of the use of overdue disinfectants in a factory producing a vaccine against brucellosis for animals for over a month.

It should be remembered that brucellosis is primarily a disease of farm animals, and its transmission to humans is very rare and we do not know exactly this mechanism so far. We also do not have a vaccine (although it does exist for animals) and therefore it is only recommended to follow personal hygiene and not to consume animal products from an untested source. People working in animal husbandry, as well as butchers and veterinarians who look after animals are most at risk of infection, so wearing protective clothing is of great importance in risk areas. But there is also good news, fortunately, the disease can be treated and we know how to do it, because bacteria are sensitive to many antibiotics, although the treatment usually lasts many weeks.

According to the American CDC, the most common symptoms of brucellosis in humans include fever fever, chronic weakness, headaches, muscle and joint pain, depression, swelling of the heart, liver and spleen, and worst of all, some of these symptoms may never go away. And probably many people today would not have to complain about chronic ailments and would have a chance to recover, if the scale of the leak was known immediately and doctors had a chance to quickly make an accurate diagnosis. Meanwhile, it was completely different and very Chinese-style, that is, they tried to quickly cover up the case and now the victims can only count on the compensation promised by the Lanzhou authorities.

One such person is a 40-year-old shopkeeper Gao Hong, described by the local media, complaining of joint pain and persistent fever at the end of last year. Doctors did not make an accurate diagnosis for a long time, although the woman complained of such pain in the joints, which made it impossible for her to walk, and that she had brucellosis, she did not find out until six months later. Unfortunately, it is definitely too late and now a woman is facing long-term unpleasant treatment, and no one can predict whether she will ever be fully healthy: - My calf has swollen to a size twice as large as normal and my joints hurt all over my body - explains the woman.