Dexter season 9: launch, cast, plot

In 2021, the Dexter series will have a new finale in the form of a 9th season. Michael C. Hall returns as serial killer Dexter Morgan, but years later and in a completely new setting.

We'll keep you up to date with constant updates on what's going on with the Dexter return in terms of the cast, filming, start date and interesting developments. For example, the first picture of Michael C. Hall's return as Dexter is very promising.

When does Dexter season 9 start?

In October 2020, the news of a Dexter sequel came. Filming is scheduled to start in early 2021. The series is currently expected to start in the US on Showtime in autumn 2021. When and how the series will come to Germany is not yet known.

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The most important things about the Dexter revival at a glance

Dexter Season 9 Plot: location, content and more

What is Dexter Season 9 about? Almost a decade after Dexter Morgan faked his death and went to Oregon as a lumberjack, we now meet him in a new location far from Miami's beaches: Iron Lake is Dexter's new home in upstate New York.

The small town has a high school, a police chief and an unofficial town leader: Kurt Caldwell runs a truck driver rest stop, has worked his way up from trucker to owner of several trucks and is a man of the people, but nobody should mess with him. Occasionally his son goes overboard. That might get Dexter's attention.

Dexter himself is more down to earth now. But his murderous side, the 'dark companion', who let him live out his instinct to kill other criminals in the first 8 seasons, is also not out of the world. "People will die," it was already said.

In the interplay of different elements, season 9 with its criminals, powerful and policemen is still reminiscent of the old Dexter series despite the all-round renewal.

Dexter returns with a new cast: who plays whom in the cast?

Fans of the first 4 Dexter seasons can look forward to: Showtime is bringing back the original showrunner Clyde Phillips for season 9, who took his hat together with the Trinity killer.

The current Dexter cast of actors looks as follows:

Despite the new cast, the return of well-known characters has already been hinted at. It is not known whether the old colleague, dead hallucinations or Dexter's son Harrison as a teenager is not known.

Dexter's former co-star, Rita actress Julie Benz, gave a series return the funniest Dexter rejection of all.

Will Dexter improve the controversial series finale in season 9?

Warning, spoilers for the Dexter finale: The end of the Dexter series is notorious because it left many fans extremely unsatisfied. Even Michael C. Hall wants to make up for the unloved finale.

In the last episode, Dexter killed his sister Debra (who was shot without brain functions in the hospital) and sent his son Harrison to Argentina with his partner Hannah McKay. He then faked his own death by steering his boat into a storm, but in a final scene we were shown as a bearded lumberjack, presumably with a new identity, in Oregon.

Remember the Dexter series in the anniversary trailer

The clear announcement is now that Dexter's 9th season won't take back the original finale. The new season will work with the legacy of the original series, build on it and make a second attempt at one dare a new series finale.

From Showrunner Clyde Phillips, however, has described the new Dexter ending as "surprising but inevitable". However, it is not known whether he is building on his own dreamed-up version of an earlier alternative ending that was divulged 8 years ago, in which Dexter would have ended up on the electric chair.

In the course of the renewal by a 9th season, it was also announced that ideas of a Dexter return had come up in the past, but the leading actor Michael C. Hall had not agreed. The new idea should now have convinced him creatively.

The inclusion of gay characters in Dexter also promised a correction of homosexual misrepresentation in Dexter for season 9, which finally leads the series into the present.

Dexter Podcast: Review the Series and Look to Season 9

Does the lousy ending of Dexter destroy the series? We don't think so. In this episode of the Moviepilot podcast Stream Flurry, we discuss the unique series:

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We're looking at what makes Dexter so brilliant, what still annoys us about the series, and what wishes and expectations we have for season 9.

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How do you feel about the Dexter return? Are you looking forward to season 9 or are you skeptical?