Due to CoVID-19, Google Maps will now clearly mark the current shop crowding In the face of the CoVID-19 pandemic, Google decided to improve its most important application, i.e. Google Maps, to make it even more practical for its users. The new feature is very happy.

The giant informs that several new products will appear in the application. They were created with a view to a better quality of life for society in the realities of fighting the pandemic. The maps will show information about the average traffic in a given store, as well as the current number of customers. This function is to let us know if and when it is worth visiting a given store.

Thanks to it, we will be able to compare several stores in our area and choose the one with the least traffic at the moment. The information will appear even after we have calculated the route to the store. Google believes that this will help us better protect ourselves from CoVID-19 infection. In addition, we will also find out what additional security procedures are used in a given store, such as temperature measurement.

Google representatives boast that Google noob homepage and its new functions, which were introduced this spring, are constantly enjoying great popularity. Therefore, we can expect the emergence of new useful amenities in the near future.