Porsche will also have its own flying car. The German company also wanted to have a futuristic vehicle in which many see the future of traveling. Flying cars are expected to improve transport in fast-growing cities in just a few years.

Porsche representatives believe that it is possible to create an ecosystem of intelligent and ecological vehicles that will serve us for fast, comfortable and safe travel not only in cities, but also across countries.

The concern started cooperation with Boeing some time ago. Together, the companies are to prepare the first prototype of a machine that will have the features of a car and an aircraft. Porsche does not hide that it is to be the most spectacular and at the same time the fastest vehicle of this type in the world. After all, it will bear the logo of a company famous in the world for the production of sports inventions.

Boeing designers have published the first concepts of such a vehicle. torrent sites directory must admit that it looks amazing. Its design immediately brings to mind Batman's vehicle. The flying car from Porsche will be able to take two people on board and deliver them to the previously indicated place in full autonomous mode.

For now, it is not known when such a vehicle will appear in the sky and on sale, but it is certain that such an invention will be created in the 1920s, because not only Porsche speaks loudly about it from time to time during various presentations, but also the desire to buy such a vehicle. the vehicle is reported by loyal fans of the company.