Tesla is just becoming fully autonomous. The future is today For this moment, fans and happy owners of Tesla have waited several years. Already next week, the first users will be able to travel in full autonomous mode. It will be a great revolution on a global scale.

A few days ago, Waymo announced that its taxis had started transporting residents of Phoenix City in full autonomous mode. Los Angeles will be the next step. Elon Musk congratulated the engineers from Waymo, but also noted that his systems are much more advanced and intended for the entire territory of the United States, rather than focused on one city. By the way, he revealed that Tesla will also become like this next week, and for everyone by the end of the year.

For a good start, the new, revolutionary function is to be available to a limited group of owners of vehicles with the Tesla logo. The billionaire said they would be drivers who are in the highest positions in the driving safety statistics kept by his company. It is about further testing, but already among ordinary vehicle owners. It's a completely different kind of responsibility. For now, the company is waiting for approval for further steps from the National Road Safety Administration.

Musk said full autonomy at Level 4 may have already been released world top tech ago, but he and his engineers are very concerned that the new feature is as safe as possible for Tesla owners. It is not a problem to lead to a series of accidents with victims only to force a revolution that everyone can boast to their friends.

The billionaire speaks cautiously and humbly about autonomous technologies. Although Tesla engineers did everything to make the system as secure as possible, the "reality is very complicated" and we will not avoid dangerous events. They are really only a matter of time. After all, AI technologies make fewer mistakes than drivers, so their implementation in the future will save many lives.

Tesla are to become fully autonomous this year for all their owners. We are also talking about the possibility of using vehicles as robotic taxis that will drive city residents when we do not use them. In this way, vehicle owners will be able to earn money on them, which means that the vehicles will not only be cheaper to operate, but also the sales of new vehicles, which will be bought with such opportunities in mind, will increase significantly.