This eco-machine turns carbon dioxide into fuel and fights global warming The latest technologies allow us to more and more effectively deal with the problem of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. We must remember that it is because of him that the atmosphere heats up and climate changes occur.

Another ecological invention has just been created that can counteract this in a practical way. Its attribute is the fact that thanks to it, each of us can contribute another building block to saving Mother Nature, even during our daily hard work. The device was designed and built by Soletair Power.

The HVAC system filters the air, absorbs carbon dioxide from it and converts it into fuel. CO2 is the natural effect of breathing. We emit it every day in huge amounts. When we stay in closed, unventilated rooms, its too high concentration may adversely affect our well-being, health and even life. What if you could turn CO2 into fuel?

How does it work in practice? Well, HAVC absorbs carbon dioxide and moisture / water that pass through a chamber filled with special granules. They contain amine compounds. They bind to CO2 and allow it to be stored. Then, when fuel production starts, the pellets are heated to 120 degrees Celsius and then they release CO2 and water into a special tank.

In an electrolyser, water is separated into hydrogen and combined with CO2 in a methane reactor. There, pure methane gas is produced. Interestingly, the HVAC has been equipped with an efficient coffee machine that runs on methane. Engineers from Soletair Power boast that their invention will work perfectly in corporations. Office spaces generate large amounts of carbon dioxide and at the same time employees drink hectoliters of coffee every day.

HVAC makes it possible to produce as much as 1500 liters of methane per day from CO2 emitted by 1,500 employees, which can then be tech guides best to power a coffee machine or other office equipment. The device is quite compact, because it measures 2 meters in height, 5 meters in length and 1 meter in width. Soletair Power believes that HVAC can be installed in virtually any office without any problems and use its incredible potential to save the climate more effectively.