So different to be Doctor Strange 2 That gaves in MCU never

So different to be “Doctor Strange 2”: That gave’s in MCU never!

For the second time this year, ProSieben shows the Marvel spectacle “Doctor Strange” on TV (now at 20.15). In the meantime, so much has changed in terms of continuation. We summarize the state of things together.

As ProSieben in April 2019 for the first time “Doctor Strange” has shown on free TV, was on the long-planned sequel to the Marvel adventure yet virtually nothing is known. Meanwhile looks thanks to the San Diego Comic Con last summer a little different. Thus, “Doctor Strange 2” is now not only a start date, but one expressed curiosity-making title …

“Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness”

As Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige revealed at the launch of the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in July 2019, the “Doctor Strange” sequel to the awesome name “Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness” will hear what translated roughly means “Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness” (an official German translation of the original title, there is not yet).

For exact content is kept secretive fig still covered, a few small snacks provided he and director Scott Derrickson returnees but still. And of course the title arouses even quite a few expectations.

Freaky Marvel horror trip

Director Derrickson promised full, that “Doctor Strange 2” is a horror film and the first MCU spooky adventure. So he wants to in the sequel even better reflected the psychedelic madness that distinguish many of the comics on the Marvel sorcerers, and found in the first part only rudimentary consideration. And the direction indicated by the title setting provides for the right style of play.

Director Derrickson promised full-bodied,
that “Doctor Strange 2” a horror film, and thus the first chilling MCU adventure.

With “Doctor Strange 2” which has long been known from the comic templates concept of the multiverse is that is finally introduced into the MCU (after it in “Spider-Man: Far From Home” is then not occurred despite announcement). The sequel is so open to us that there are many other worlds and dimensions, sometimes strikingly different times only in details of our world.

With “Doctor Strange 2” consisting of the comic templates have long known concept of the multiverse is that is finally introduced into the MCU

And here the “Doctor Strange 2” can definitely make all sorts crazy, but also gloomy ideas really let off steam. But despite the eerie felling should also humor that is known from the first part, not be neglected, as lead actor Benedict Cumberbatch said VipMovies. In the end, “Doctor Strange 2” is in fact – so get in the US, a PG-13 rating, a youth and adults no-Rating – like all other MCU films.

Connection with “Wanda Vision” and “Loki”

A special feature of “Doctor Strange 2” is also possible that the events of the coming MCU series “Wanda Vision” and “Loki” should come into play directly into the plot of the movie. How exactly will look like is still unclear, but as is to play a central role in the two series probably the multiverse, the link is quite near.

A special feature of “Doctor Strange 2” is also possible that the events of the coming MCU series “Wanda Vision” and “Loki” should come into play directly into the plot of the movie.

According to Kevin Feige is what Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlett Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) goes through in “Wanda Vision”, then play a role in “Doctor Strange 2”. For this, the figure will show up even in the sequel. Whether “Loki” Hiddleston Tom stops by, but is not yet known.

Generally was prickly to understand that now + arising under his leadership for the new streaming service Disney Marvel series are very closely linked to the movies and you will only understand the events and allusions in this future in their entirety, if you previously associated series has looked.

Theatrical release in spring 2021

The fourth film of the MCU Phase 4 (after “Black Widow”, “The Eternals” and “Shang-Chi”) starts “Doctor Strange 2” on May 6, 2021. Then, in addition to Benedict Cumberbatch as title imaging magicians also Benedict Wong his faithful companion Wong and Rachel McAdams as his girlfriend Christine back on the field again.

startet “Doctor Strange 2” I 6 May 2021.

A return of Chiwetel Ejiofor as a magician Mordo, which was actually built at the end of “Doctor Strange” as a new villain for the second part, however, was not confirmed. According to rumors, the supernatural comic villain Nightmare to the main opponent will be in “Doctor Strange 2”. As the ruler of the so-called dream dimension that draws its strength from the fear of the people, he would also perfect for watching horror approach.

according to rumours
to the main opponent to the supernatural comic villain Nightmare in “Doctor Strange 2”.

Without the powerful time stone in “Avengers: Endgame” was destroyed, probably Doctor Strange and his skills in his second solo adventure made definitely a much sterner test than it was in part the first