Sprint runs during Tokyo 2020 like from augmented reality

We have known for a long time that the upcoming summer Olympic Games will be by far the most technologically advanced in history, and Intel has just added another brick.

It is not enough that all medals for athletes participating in the 2020 Summer Olympic Games were made of recycled materials, and the service for spectators watching the struggle (delivery of drinks and snacks, showing places or caring for people with disabilities) will largely be answered by works from Toyota, we can still count on support from Intel from Intel. The manufacturer informed that this time the sprint races will be even more exciting than usual web alpha directory.


Intel announced that it wants to use a wide range of cameras, algorithms and 3D Athlete Tracking (3DAT) technology to collect detailed data about the participants of the race. These are to be displayed live on our TVs, and although the chip manufacturer did not give any specific examples here, he confirmed several guesses of journalists who rightly assumed that we are talking about information like the current race location or the obtained speed.

In theory, this sounds very simple, but we are really talking about a very complicated technology that uses image recognition and artificial intelligence to capture the shape and movement of athletes, impose special algorithms on them, and then process the collected data to analyze the biomechanics of player movements. Intel does not hide that he is very excited about his participation in the games and the opportunities that this cooperation gives him, viewers and the athletes themselves, because he also announced the desire to create virtual reality training systems for them.