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ESA officially announced its first space mission to save the Earth

The HERA mission will cost $ 153 million, but this is a small cost if it comes to developing an effective method to neutralize space rocks that will end up in collision orbit with Earth. The historic mission is to start in 2024, and the probe is to reach a pair of asteroids in 2026. It is about the double asteroid Didymos and Dimorphos.

The Russians publish a new video in 4K of the detonation of their first nuclear bomb

The power of artificial intelligence was used this time to refresh a very old movie. The effect is very satisfactory, which you will be able to see in a moment by watching the material below.

Skeleton Technologies announces graphene superbatteries charged in 15 seconds

What exactly are we talking about? Most likely, a hybrid solution that combines traditional lithium-ion cells and ultracapacitor cells, in which we find a proprietary curved graphene structure, using the strengths of both technologies. Simply put, lithium batteries offer a high energy density, which means they can store a lot of energy, but unfortunately they take a long time to charge and discharge - this is why electric cars take so long to charge, which is a bottleneck in the development of this industry. Supercapacitors, on the other hand, charge and discharge quickly, but are not able to store too much energy, so they are not yet used in electric cars, for which they are even made, because the batteries based on them would be huge.

320 km / h, 2 seconds to hundreds and 840 km of range. This is the Tesla Model S Plaid

The billionaire has no choice, as Lucid Motors is hard on Tesla's heels. The presentation of the Air model, the luxury electric sedan, was received with great enthusiasm in the United States (see here). The Tesla Conqueror offers incredible performance that current Tesla marketers and their owners can only dream of.

Porsche will also have its own flying car. "Looks like a Batman vehicle"

Porsche representatives believe that it is possible to create an ecosystem of intelligent and ecological vehicles that will serve us for fast, comfortable and safe travel not only in cities, but also across countries.

Here is a fungus that turns insects into zombies and ... lives in our country

And this is not a scene from The Last of Us game, where at every turn you could come across mysterious spores that turned people into bloodthirsty monsters ... on the other hand, at least we already know that the minds of developers are not so twisted as to be something to invent one, only inspired by nature and what happens in it every day. It turns out that similar mushrooms do exist and are doing great - recently there has been a lot of talk about Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, which is able to take control of the ant's body, literally turning it into a zombie.

Nobel 2020 in chemistry for developing a powerful gene editing technology for humans

Emmanuelle Charpentier is a French microbiologist, geneticist and biochemist who heads the Max Planck Institute in Berlin on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Jennifer A. Doudna is a biochemist and molecular biologist at the University of California, Berkeley. Both were awarded a prize of EUR 4.3 million for developing a method for editing genomes in living organisms called CRISPR / Cas9.

"Before the Big Bang, there was a different universe," says this year's Nobel Prize winner in physics

This year's Nobel Prize winner in physics claims that there was a different universe before the Big Bang. We can detect its remains in the space of our universe. Penrose is sure that the formation of universes and their ending are cyclical. What's most interesting, if we discover the secrets of the death of the previous universe, we will also know our future.

Tesla is just becoming fully autonomous. The future is today

A few days ago, Waymo announced that its taxis had started transporting residents of Phoenix City in full autonomous mode. Los Angeles will be the next step. Elon Musk congratulated the engineers from Waymo, but also noted that his systems are much more advanced and intended for the entire territory of the United States, rather than focused on one city. By the way, he revealed that Tesla will also become like this next week, and for everyone by the end of the year.

Scientists cheated Autopilot and forced Tesla to brake in an emergency

Experts from the Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva, Israel, prepared an experiment, during which they managed to easily trick the autonomous systems aboard the Model X from Tesla and force the vehicle to brake suddenly.

A step towards sustainable agriculture. Here is an autonomous plant inspection vehicle

It is worth emphasizing here that all the ideas of X, Moonshot Factory arouse great interest, because it is a semi-secret research and development center established by Google in January 2010. In short, everything that happens there is shrouded in mystery, which gives the impression of working on very important projects - and the company does not correct us by ensuring that it works on ideas on a large scale, using technological innovations for this purpose. Its newest child is Mineral, an electric vehicle that is to be used in sustainable agriculture.

This eco-machine turns carbon dioxide into fuel and fights global warming

Another ecological invention has just been created that can counteract this in a practical way. Its attribute is the fact that thanks to it, each of us can contribute another building block to saving Mother Nature, even during our daily hard work. The device was designed and built by Soletair Power.