Technology. Teleportation of information in the diamond at the quantum level was made

Nowadays, the biggest problem of the global network are cybercriminals’ attacks. In the future, information transfer over long distances will be carried out in a secure manner in quantum networks.

The great breakthrough in this matter was made by scientists from the Yokohama National University. They were able to teleport quantum information using a diamond. This is a big step towards building the first quantum network, which will enable extremely secure storage and transfer of confidential data.

Quantum teleportation allows the transfer of quantum information to a space that is otherwise unavailable. It also allows the transfer of information to quantum memory without revealing or destroying stored quantum information. This space for scientists has become an inaccessible structure consisting of carbon atoms present in the diamond.

The carbon atom contains six protons and six neutrons, surrounded by six spinning electrons. When atoms combine in a diamond, they automatically create a particularly strong bond. However, errors arise in this process. It comes to them when the nitrogen atom is present in one of the two neighboring free places where the carbon atoms should be.

Scientists define this state as the N-V center. The structure of the nucleus of the nitrogen atom, surrounded by carbon atoms, creates what researchers call nanomagnets. During the experiment, the Japanese attached an extremely thin wire to the surface of the diamond. Using radio and microwave waves, they created an oscillating magnetic field around the diamond. Then they led the spin of electrons to entangle with the atomic spin of carbon, i.e. the angular momentum of the electron and the nucleus of the carbon atom.

Information was teleported in the diamond at the quantum level. Fig. Yokohama National University.

The spin of electrons disintegrated under the influence of the magnetic field created by the nanomagnet, making it prone to entanglement. After entangling the two parts, a photon storing quantum information was introduced and the electron absorbed the photon. Absorption made it possible to transfer the state of photon polarization to carbon, mediated by a tangled electron, demonstrating the teleportation of information at the quantum level. In this way, a fully controlled quantum information transfer environment was created in the heart of the diamond.

“The success of photon storage at the second node establishes entanglement between two neighboring nodes. This process, called the quantum amplifier, can transfer individual pieces of information from a node to a node in the quantum field. Our ultimate goal is the implementation of scalable quantum amplifiers for long-range quantum communication, and distributed quantum computers for quantum computing and metrology on a large scale, “said Hideo Kosaka, author of the study.